Why Smart Information Server?

Smart Information Server is designed to put you in the driver’s seat with your unstructured information, without the need for complex infrastructure or user disruption.

Process data better Fast. Efficient. No agents on production servers. No data copying or re-indexing. No vendor lock-in. Now that's smart software.

  • Stay agentless Avoid bogging down production servers with 3rd party agents or drivers.
  • Keep data where it belongs Avoid vendor lock-in. Keep data inside the native applications or cloud where it's most useful. Leverage existing full-text indexes.
  • Profile efficiently Fast. Lightweight. Profile data sources with speed and efficiency.
  • Seamless directory synchronization Effortlessly correlate identities and identity attributes to unstructured data.

Scale with ease Scale vertically for massive item counts. Scale horizontally for geographic distribution. Deploy to meet the needs of your organization, big or small.

  • Be limitless Deploy multiple content databases and engines to support billions of items. Interact seamlessly with transparently federated results.
  • Manage centrally Administer large, dispersed deployments from a single easy to use UI. Distributed software the way it should be built.
  • Expand capacity instantly Add additional content databases and engines on-demand. Increase capacity and performance with ease.

Search made simple Build queries easily. Combine metadata, location, identity and keyword filters for powerful data discovery. No re-indexing. No complex query language to learn.

  • Instant query results Build queries visually and obtain instant results. Combine simple queries into more expressive, complex expressions as needed.
  • Expressive filters Build filters based on location, item attributes and identity access. Enhance query expressiveness using any available metadata.
  • Federated search Leverage existing investments in native search indices. Get keyword search support without re-indexing.
  • Guided navigation Understand results at a glance. Leverage customizable facets for guided navigation and analysis.