Unstructured Data

Unstructured data continues to be a difficulty for businesses to manage. Cost efficiency remains a challenge and risks abound. The volume, velocity and variety traits of the problem outstretch our human capacities. Existing approaches have not addressed the root of the challenge. New technologies are needed for organizations to be in the driver’s seat with their unstructured data management.

Investing in smarter information management is the key to low-cost governance of internal Big Data

Organizations today are faced with myriad challenges, risks and threats from the data they store.

The technology landscape for business is undergoing fundamental shifts.  With the increased reliance on cloud storage and the average user accessing multiple devices, the information storage landscape is expanding exponentially to keep up with demand.  The average organization must now contend with large volumes of diverse data that is being dispersed across on-premise and cloud-based repositories.

These costly vulnerabilities are magnified for organizations that are heavily regulated or litigation-prone, particularly when looming audits and investigations so often require large amounts of electronically stored information to be extracted, analyzed and reviewed. Although it has become imperative for organizations to invest in proactive information governance, available technologies have not always been practical or affordable.

Of strategic importance: Know your data, maintain control of it

In order for information governance to be successful in an organization, IT, eDiscovery and compliance leaders need to easily and quickly understand the holistic picture of unstructured data for a variety of circumstances—both for regular operations as well as unplanned circumstances like audits or litigation.

They also need to ability to reach in with precision to engage select datasets with confidence to reduce risks and avoid uncontrolled spending.

Various products try expensive concept-level indexing or the introduction a new information silo as a way of addressing the challenge. There is a better, less costly and more effective approach.

Rise of the Information Server

Applying concepts from Big Data to an organization's internal data, Acaveo Smart Information Server becomes the fabric by which an organization efficiently and defensibly understands and governs its unstructured data across cloud and on-premise applications and repositories.  Acaveo efficiently maintains an interactive, actionable inventory of all data that is easily engaged for ad hoc insights, policy oversight and powerful rule automation that drive precision action execution for important information governance tasks like compliance alerts, data migration, eDiscovery preservation and defensible deletion, to name a few.

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