Product Tour

Get started Installation is fast and simple. Begin profiling enterprise data repositories in minutes.

  • Simplified deployment No changes to production servers. Deploy to any server or VM. See how simple enterprise software deployment can be.
  • Configuration made easy Automatic self-configuration on startup. Ready to start scanning sources out-of-the-box.
  • Intuitive data source connections Configure enterprise data sources in minutes. Customize scheduling and advanced options on-demand.
  • Automatic directory synchronization Active Directory integration with zero configuration. Aggregate multiple domains.

Profile efficiently Fast. Lightweight. Profile data sources with speed and efficiency. Don't bog down your production servers.

  • High speed Profile thousands of items per second. Add additional content engines and accelerate with ease.
  • Transparent Avoid bogging down production servers with 3rd party agents or drivers. Scan sources without crippling mission-critical systems.
  • Informative Monitor current and historical jobs. Understand details with advanced statistics and visualizations.

Understand your data Gain interactive insights across all data sources. Visualize data metrics from the enterprise root to the item level.

  • Navigate with intelligence Leverage customizable facets for visually guided navigation. Find target data quickly and simply. Discover what you didn’t know you had.
  • Browse hierarchically Traverse data in the native hierarchy. View rich context and gain insights at each level.
  • Visualize interactively Drill into dashboard charts. Navigate directly to the native hierarchy. Manipulate visual indicators on-demand to identify trends.

Build actionable queries Build queries visually and obtain instant results. Combine simple queries into more expressive, complex expressions as needed. Make queries actionable to automate governance and business processes.

  • Search smarter Combine metadata and identity filters with keyword search results from existing indices. Build complex, actionable queries without re-indexing.
  • Precise action execution Associate actions with results to automate business requirements.
  • Offload the work Schedule queries to keep them ever-green. Watch as new items automatically get detected and acted upon.

Make governance easy Accelerate your information governance program. Obtain the visibility and controls necessary to understand and manage large, dispersed volumes of data.

  • Manage risk Confront large data volumes. Quickly assess risk and value. Remediate as needed with ease.
  • Gain oversight Obtain situational awareness over your data. Improve policies and compliance. Maintain and monitor policies easily.
  • Govern defensibly Avoid costly sanctions, fines and embarrassment. Document your programs surrounding critical information management use cases.