When responding to legal requirements, is your in-house team struggling with over-preservation and over-collection? It can be difficult to analyze large volumes of active information and to perform targeted safeguarding and extraction of precise datasets. Streamline how your in-house team responds to litigation with Smart Information Server.

Powerful in-house eDiscovery Complete the initial stages of eDiscovery with ease. Streamline your organization's response to legal claims.

  • Identify Find data across all enterprise repositories. Exchange, SharePoint, file shares, Office 365, Box and more.
  • Collect and preserve Copy identified data from original locations into segregated repositories. Collection is lossless and preserves native format and all metadata.
  • Produce Provide defensible EDRM-compliant datasets for review. Limit what gets produced using advanced filters.

Identification that works Predictive coding remains cost prohibitive for enterprise-wide eDiscovery. Understand and identify all responsive data in your enterprise, regardless of size.

  • Instant query results Build queries visually and obtain instant results. Combine simple queries into more expressive, complex expressions as needed.
  • Expressive filters Build filters based on location, item attributes and identity access. Enhance query expressiveness using any available metadata.
  • Federated search Leverage existing investments in native search indices. Get keyword search support without re-indexing.
  • Guided navigation Understand results at a glance. Leverage customizable facets for guided navigation and analysis.

Preservation the way you want it Preserve in-place or collect. Obtain unique benefits to improve preservation strategy and oversight regardless of which approach is used.

  • Track in-place holds Provide oversight of in-place hold items. Preserve a separate copy if needed.
  • Defend spoliation claims Preserve a precise scope from the trigger event. Content is captured with full fidelity and complete metadata.
  • Collect automatically Collect new content added to scope automatically.

Produce with full-fidelity Produce content from any supported system. No formatting loss. No dropped metadata.

  • Supports all content types Lossless production of all Exchange message classes and SharePoint content types. Native format maintained in all cases.
  • Complete metadata and optional EDRM manifest Produce all message properties, extended file attributes and custom SharePoint fields to per item metadata files. Generate EDRM manifest on demand.
  • Produce only what's required Cull production set using advanced filters. Extract precisely what is needed and leave the rest.