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One platform to rule them all.

Centrally manage data across your information infrastructure.

For CIFS and Microsoft

Windows file shares

Automatically discover all file servers in a domain

Perform regular audits for new repositories across your network.

Characterize and interrogate assets

Interactive dashboard views and powerful search let you instantly pinpoint orphaned data and stale folders.
Detect duplicates, over-privileged access, and sensitive content.

Understand entitlements and identify data owners

Correlate data-level permissions to a comprehensive Active Directory framework to identify who can see what data, and where.
View direct and indirect permissions and correlate them to departments or any other AD attribute.

Apply actions to manage data

Assign custom classifications and forensically preserve information based on advanced criteria.
Migrate to SharePoint, StorSimple or Office 365. Compress or defensibly delete data to reduce your storage footprint.

For Microsoft Office 365
Insights into Growth

Perform audits to provide insights into user level resource consumption, and perspectives on entitlements in Microsoft Office 365.

Perform better eDiscovery

Complement eDiscovery audits with analytics and advanced search of mailbox contents for preservation.

Enhance the hybrid cloud

Provide a conduit to manage content between on premise Exchange and Exchange Online.
Create rules to automatically organize content and apply appropriate actions.

For Box
Analyze all data stored in Box

Understand all corporate data stored in Box and enforce corporate guidelines.  Generate reports on per user consumption.

Organize data automatically

Migrate data from Box into other repositories or delete it based on retention policies.

Intelligently collect data for eDiscovery

Federate eDiscovery searches of Box accounts and preserve applicable assets on premise.

For Exchange Server
Interrogate Exchange storage

Visualize and quantify email storage in recoverable items folders, public folders, active and archived mailboxes.

Augment in-place archiving

Analyze and report on archive mailboxes. Leverage archive tags and Messaging Records Management policy
metadata for insights, searches and extended data management actions.

Enhance Exchange DLP

Leverage message classifications for analytics, reporting, eDiscovery, alerts and data management automation.
Identify mailbox delegates and folder sharing.

Manage email retention

Copy user contents from original mailboxes into segregated repositories for collection or delete it to enforce a retention policy.
Email preservation maintains all metadata and full message integrity.

For SharePoint Server
Maximize your SharePoint investment

Maintain a clean SharePoint environment by instantly identifying stale sites and taking actions to address aging or duplicate data.
Complement information management policies with defensible deletion.

Identify private and sensitive data

Seamlessly extend SharePoint’s search indexing to apply data classification policies and perform regular
expression searches to detect credit card numbers and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Analyze SharePoint storage and entitlements

Enhance operational intelligence of Collections. Visualize assets by age, content type, size, ownership, etc.
Audit direct and indirect permissions to generate detailed or executive level summary reports.

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