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acaveo | File Analysis Solutions for managing unstructured data
Acaveo data inventory solutions for managing unstructured data growth
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How we help:

Empowering organizations with an actionable understanding of their unstructured data.

Acaveo File Analysis




The volume of corporate data created, sent and stored will continue to increase at more than 40% each year, doubling every two years. Approximately 80% of that new data will be unstructured. IT and Storage teams are struggling with fast-growing Office files, email, SharePoint, videos, graphics, audio, cloud data – a universe of hard-to-manage information underscored by high cost and maintenance.

  • Migration workflows
  • Identify and remove duplicate files
  • Defensible deletion
  • Archiving




IT pros dealing with security issues know that moving unstructured data through its lifecycle will yield more data privacy breaches and complicate advanced content management systems. While most enterprise companies have implemented technical controls and auditing, only a small percentage are highly confident in their file security investments.

There is a gap between file security policies and the efficacy of technical controls, including encryption, to monitor and enforce compliance. The growth of cloud and mobile computing, ease of file sharing and collaboration methods, applications and devices all contribute to data leakage incidents.

  • Sensitive data scans
  • Access control audits
  • Data collection


Information Governance & Compliance

Information Governance & Compliance

For many enterprises, managing the growing volumes of data is becoming a major challenge. Data centre storage volumes continue to grow in excess of 40% per annum. Bottom line is, organizations store too much data. While some of this unstructured data is required for legal or compliance needs, the bulk of the files, including email, is of no business value and will become a liability over time if not proactively managed by information governance policy.

Unless legal teams work hand-in-hand with IT organizations, policies are often neglected and IT will continue to hoard user data – putting organizations at regulatory and legal risks.

  • Identify data retention issues
  • Apply policies and automated notifications to owners
  • Enable repeatable and defensible Data Management processes




eDiscovery teams need better insight into custodians, data and permissions, as well as the ability to automate search, preservation and collection. Strengthening eDiscovery investments will reduce risks and costs in litigation with early scope assessment and targeted collection.

Using advanced search and insights, together with integrated governance features, offers a much smarter approach to defensibly preserving and exporting specific data required for eDiscovery.

  • Perform data mapping and early scope assessment
  • Search data smarter & faster
  • Perform dynamic preservation
  • Automated data exports

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