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IT pros use Smart Information Server to:

  • Rapidly identify risks and opportunities.
  • Reduce storage instructure costs.
  • Enhance data security and compliance.
  • Intelligently migrate data to the cloud.

How it works


Smart Information Server seamlessly audits and correlates data, identities, permissions and contextual metadata to provide you with an actionable understanding. You tell Smart Information Server when audits occur and what metadata is of interest.


Interactive visualizations present the truth about identity and access rights, data storage, classifications and policies. Customizable reports help to drive smarter decisions. You see the complete picture across repositories.


Smart Information Server's Actionable Query Engine connects insights with integrated controls to engage precisely targeted data where it is stored, either as a one-time action or as a standing rule. Receive notification alerts and produce reports. Classify, migrate, collect or defensibly delete data in a targeted and defensible manner.

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