Smart Information Server (SIS) is easily applied enterprise software to inventory, analyze and control large volumes of unstructured data across e-mail, file and collaboration repositories.

In days, not months or years, achieve the modern visibility and control that is the execution layer of information governance.


  • Cost efficiently achieve an information governance regime that works
  • Manage information at the beginning of its lifecycle
  • Short term, tangible ROI
  • Streamline eDiscovery


  • Quick to deploy, easy to use
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Compliments existing information infrastructure

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data map visibility

Data Map & Visiblity

Perform interactive and structured queries across large, dispersed volumes of corporate data.

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defensible deletion and migration

Defensible Deletion & Migration

Confront dark data. Defensibly delete or migrate to a cloud or on-premise destination of choice.

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in-house ediscovery

In-house eDiscovery

Avoid cost overruns and defend spoliation claims with powerful identification, preservation and collection.

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compliance and enforcement

Compliance & Enforcement

Monitor data proliferation. Be alerted to undesirable access and policy violation issues.

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compliance and enforcement

Data Privacy & Classification

Remediate data privacy issues. Track and govern sensitive information.

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compliance and enforcement

Cloud Data Governance

Know and control data in Microsoft Office 365, Box and more.

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